Profession: photographer

Age: 53

2 workshops open for 2023


The red squirrel has become iconic in animal photography; they make interesting and gentle moves.

Capture them in your camera in this incredible unique Red Squirrel, Bird and Nature Photo Workshop.

This workshop coincides with Red Squirrels and birds living in the middle of Sweden. Between 3 and 10 wild Red Squirrels incl. young ones can show up during this workshop in an outside studio and you’ll be there to photograph these majestic animals.

2 workshops open for 2023No places available for 2022

5 day workshop

Max 2 participans

Location: Bispgården, Sweden,

Beginning of june and beginning of sept are normaly youngs here.


Located in a isolated place Bispgården, in the middle of Sweden you can find my photo studio, where red squirrels and birds bring daily visits.

During the photo workshop

Several obstacles are placed, connected the studio and forest.

Close contact with the animals