Cooperation with other publicers, companies and artists

There are a lot of different products for sale from artists and companies using my photos or movies.

On this page are some of the products, art, calendars and books from artists, companies and publishers I work with.

 squirrel greeting card

from Palmpress

 squirrel greeting card

from Palmpress


from publisher Puzzletwist

The company


sells postcards.

My squirrel photo used as the cover for a biologi study book

Boenigk, Biologie - Arbeitsbuch für Studium und Oberstufe

Autoren: Boenigk, Jens

publisher: Springer Spektrum

language: German

  • ISBN 978-3-662-63522-3

buy the book

German Book

Sold out

Publisher Fatzer has published 4 years calendars with my photo's. Here are the new calendars in the Grerman language

I worked for the company

Framestore to deliver the basics for the animations for the red squirrel, in the movie

Flora & Ulysses coming soon.

I worked for the company

Willowcreek in 5 or 6 years.

They have expanded the Gettin' squirrelly productline.

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from publisher Willowcreek

 squirrel greeting cards 

from Wendy Ballen

Joanne Kavanagh has a few books left of "how the squirrels saved christmas. You can contact her via Joanne



With Fiona C. Lunn

Lucy Colegate from the UK ( @drawingsbylucy ) makes beautiful pencil drawings. Cards, prints and even the original are soon available from my work.

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